Our prices are listed below or you may click here to download the price table as a PDF.

Day Care & Hotel Requirements:

  • Boarding payment is due upon drop-off (check-in).
  • Booking must be done through Facebook messenger to our page. Email is a valid alternative. Reasons for this booking method are explained in our FAQ.
  • You need to provide any documents, records, or other proof of vaccination history. Send us photos of your documentation or show us your health book in-store.
  • Photos/scans of your health book or documents may be sent by methods below:
  1. Facebook – or
  2. Email –
  • For the safety of other pets, we will only accept friendly (non-aggressive) dogs that have been spayed or neutered.
  • For lunch and the dog’s nap time, we are closed 12:30pm to 1:30pm everyday.
  • Drop-off times are between 9am and 7pm only. Avoid picking-up or dropping-off at busy hours for quicker service & a better experience. Busy hours are 9am-10am and 4pm-6pm due to feeding & walking our guests.
  • Hotel check-out time is before 2pm, after 2pm, daycare rates will be applied.
  • If you can not pick up your pup before closing time, we prefer you to come the next morning. We close at 8pm Monday to Saturday, 6:30pm on Sunday.
  • In special circumstances, late pickup can be arranged for an additional fee (for hotel guests, the fee is one extra hotel day; daycare guests will be charged for one hotel day instead of daycare rates). If late, please keep quiet as it is a sensitive time for the dogs to rest and sleep – they should not be disturbed.
  • Our rates do NOT include food, please bring your own food or purchase in-store. It is important that your dogs continue to eat the same diet (same brand of food) to avoid unexpected illness & stress from diet changes.
  • PLEASE read our FAQ before boarding, there is important information discussed. It should be attached to this sheet, but can also be found on our website or Facebook.

It is best to schedule a reservation through Facebook messenger on our page.

In our experience, phone reservations are too unreliable for exchanging information and there are often mistakes or misunderstandings. Many of us communicate in a second-language, so it is better to have everything in writing. This allows us to keep a record of our communication and also allows us to send you photos/videos of your dog.
If you do not have Facebook, email is an acceptable alternative, but note that we are less responsive through email.

Bath & Grooming Price Table:

  • Wash with Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Clean inside ear canals
  • Cut, trim, & file nails
  • Basic trimming around paws
  • Includes a everything from Shower
  • Whole body grooming
  • Light brushing
  • Cut, trim, & file nails
*You will be notified when your dog has finished grooming. You can pick up your dog within 1 hour after grooming has finished. If your dog stays longer, day care charges will begin to apply.
  • Grooming is available 10am to 12:30am and 1:30pm to 7pm.
  • Walk-ins accepted, but scheduled appointments take higher priority.